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Premium Sparkling Wine Production

At Fior di Sole, we use the Charmat method to craft sparkling wines of unparalleled quality and vivacity. By fermenting our wine in pressurized stainless steel tanks rather than individual bottles, we capture naturally produced CO2, maintaining a fruity and bright taste profile.
Our process begins with an exceptional base wine—the cuvée—crafted immediately following the primary fermentation of freshly pressed grapes. This cuvée is a carefully blended symphony of base wines, which is then enriched with sucrose and select yeasts for secondary fermentation in our sealed vessels.
This natural fermentation imbues our sparkling wines with a freshness, fruit-forward palate, and a complexity that can only be achieved through the Charmat method. The resulting perlage, with its minute and persistent bubbles, is a hallmark of quality, rivaling even the most prestigious traditional champenoise-produced sparkling wines.
Choose Fior di Sole for your sparkling wine needs, where natural processes and artisanal care converge to create effervescent masterpieces. Connect with us today to discover a partnership that sparkles with possibility.

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